Friday, May 22, 2015

Sunset Besties

Remember when you went to the store with your best friend, and you picked out those necklaces that when you put the two halves together it made a heart that said "Best Friends" and then you pinkie swore to keep each other's secrets for ever and ever?

Violet and Kiya are besties.

When I gave them the shirts they squealed and one of them said, "Look! It makes a whole sunset!"

I thrifted 4 shirts to make them and used this pattern from the Crafty Cupboard blog. I just cut the pattern at the waist line and used that for the color block line. I also didn't include the waist elastic, I thought it would be to much with the sun right there. I skipped the flutter sleeve only because the light pink material of the yoke was being a beast to gather, so I bound the arm holes with a strip of sun yellow and called it good. I left the bottom hem unfinished (love me some knit fabric) because they were starting to get a tad on the short side.  This will also be my second time entering the Project Run and Play monthly link up party here :) Lots of great ideas there!!

Double Time

Two babies, two fabrics!

 Fabric A: a light-weight cotton/poly french terry in a creamy off-white. Its smooth on the outside, loopy on the inside. Or reverse it for a cool texture! This fabric washed up so soft and comfy, really perfect for a spring weight sweat shirt. 

HERE it is in the shop!

three cheers for fabric!

 Fabric B: Cotton knit chevron print in heather blue. This one is so cool! The chevron is printed on the fabric so the reverse is just the darker blue color. It washes up quite soft and the pattern is just awesome. It looks a little lavender in some of the shots, but it's really more of a blue. 

 HERE in the shop!

 Sweatshirt Pattern: I downloaded this free pattern from Brindle & Twig. It ran a tad small but I love the design. I used the french terry for the body and the chevron for the hood lining, the front pocket and the accent strips at the shoulder seems. I cut the strips for the accent on the cross grain along one chevron and it makes it look like a band of diagonal stripes. Love!

 Check out their other patterns too. They are geared towards babies and toddlers and I have several in my list of must have patterns. I think the next one will be THIS super cute romper. Won't Rosie look amazing in it?!

Skirt/leggings pattern: Winged it. I traced some leggings that fit over Rosie's ample bootie and drafted a half circle skirt that fit the opening. Then sewed them together at the top, added a line of stitching to make a casing and slipped in some elastic. So easy, really cute, low bulk and stays put!

Next up will be a pair of shirts for some besties!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Paisley and Pink Tankini

Finally a day hot enough to get out the wading pool!

This Black and White Paisley Swim Lycra is so thick and luscious. I bought swim lining thinking the white bits would be too sheer as a single layer. They are not. This stuff feels so great to the touch. And the pattern is so random that no intentional matching is required for it to look great.

I could totally see this in a retro style girls suit like this one from Closet Case Patterns. I've been dying to make this after seeing so many great ones in my blog roll.

 I used THIS pattern from Mountain Ash Designs on Etsy. They are from Melbourne, Australia and let me tell you, if you are looking for cute and unique swimwear and dance wear patterns, this is the place. I have three other patterns in my wish list! The best part...the patterns are almost all in a range from 2-14. I'll be able to sew swimsuits for both the girls for years to come. Bargain!

Fabric - 
Paisley Lycra from my Etsy Shop - Dymbrulee Textiles
Pink lyrca from Joann Fabric

Pattern - 
Ruffle Tankini from Mountain Ash on Etsy

Disclaimer: Mountain Ash Designs and Closet Case Patterns have no idea who I am, I just really like their patterns and like to share good finds!

Friday, April 24, 2015

My, What Big Eyes You Have!

There are two versions of Little Red Riding Hood. Well, probably more, but the two that I am thinking of are pretty much the same, and it all comes down to timing.    

Version A: "My, what big teeth you have Grandma!" and the wood cutter jumps in just in time to save Red from being eaten. (grandma was hiding in the closet)

Version B: "My, what big teeth you have Grandma!" The Big Bad Wolf eats Red and the woodcutter jumps in to chop open the wolf and saves Red and the previously eaten Grandma.

This bag is an ode to Version B. 

Fabric: Wool blend felt (Mr. Big Bad)
             Home Dec weight (exterior main and contrast)
             F aux Suede (interior "cape")
             All fabric from Joann Fabrics
Construction: I didn't actually look at the instructions from Sugar Bee and kind of winged it. I assembled both the exterior and lining with out sewing the top strap seam and leaving an opening in the bottom of the lining. After hand sewing Mr Big Bad to the front, I sewed the exterior and the lining together around the top/strap edge, leaving about 2 inches un-sewn at the top of the strap. I turned everything right side out through the opening, then stitched the exterior strap pieces together and the lining strap pieces together separately. I used red thread to top-stitch around the edge and viola! A new library bag for Violet! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Welcome to Dymbrulee!

I love to sew for my kids, for gift-giving, and sometimes even for myself. I also love great fabric, but am often at a loss as to what to do with it. With this blog, I'm hoping to strike up some inspiration for you using the fabric I stock in my Etsy shop. Expect to see lots of my three children, Violet (5) and twins Rosemary and David (1). They are the most fun to sew for, of course.  I want to leave things fairly open-ended for now, as I have no idea how this project will evolve. But know this, my number one goal is to get your foot to the treadle!

This super soft cotton voile spoke to me right off the bat. It said, "hi, I'm what spring looks like!" Floaty and dainty and fresh. It's not exactly sheer, but not 100% opaque either.

 I wanted to make something that was as airy in style as this is in your hand, without absolutely floating away.  This pattern was exactly what I was after.  Don't you love the hidden button placket?! first time making a button placket of any kind. Go big or go home, right?

It was a dream to sew with, too. It pressed so easily, it hardly frayed and washed up even softer than I expected.

It took a really long time for the weather to cooperate with our photo shoot plans. Finally spring has sprung in PA. We even saw our first daffodils.  

You can find this fabric HERE in my Etsy Shop, Dymbrulee Textiles. I only stock limited quantities, so get it while it's hot!

Thanks for joining me today! If you have any questions, please email me. I'm looking forward to posting coordinating outfits for the twins next, look for that soon!