Friday, May 22, 2015

Sunset Besties

Remember when you went to the store with your best friend, and you picked out those necklaces that when you put the two halves together it made a heart that said "Best Friends" and then you pinkie swore to keep each other's secrets for ever and ever?

Violet and Kiya are besties.

When I gave them the shirts they squealed and one of them said, "Look! It makes a whole sunset!"

I thrifted 4 shirts to make them and used this pattern from the Crafty Cupboard blog. I just cut the pattern at the waist line and used that for the color block line. I also didn't include the waist elastic, I thought it would be to much with the sun right there. I skipped the flutter sleeve only because the light pink material of the yoke was being a beast to gather, so I bound the arm holes with a strip of sun yellow and called it good. I left the bottom hem unfinished (love me some knit fabric) because they were starting to get a tad on the short side.  This will also be my second time entering the Project Run and Play monthly link up party here :) Lots of great ideas there!!


  1. Oh this is adorable! I am going to have to do this for my little girls

  2. Oh those are too cute! I love the idea... I may have to do something similar for my princess and her cousin/BFF. Seriously brilliant idea you had, and wonderfully executed.

  3. So much fun! I immediately thought of those "best friend" necklaces before I even read your post :)